Thursday, May 27, 2010

my lilly.

last night when it was just lilly and me, i said to her "lilly since the new baby is going to be a boy... you and me are the only girls in the house so we are going to be best friends." she responded "yeah, we are... riley too."
so sweet.
on my side of the family this soon to be new little baby boy is going to be my mom and dads 8th grandson. riley and lilly are their only granddaughters. so lilly must have realized that and didn't want to leave riley out:) she is such a sweet little girl.
i hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend!


  1. I'm playing catch up!

    Love love love!! Lilly's hair!
    And Max asleep in that red sauce mess is the BEST!!! Maybe not for Max but for our viewing pleasure!!

    And those precious conversations are the ones you want to hold on to forever! Lilly is so sweet.