Friday, May 7, 2010

late night.

yesterday when i got home from work max felt a little warm to me, his temp was 102.5 so i gave him some tylenol. his temp went down until it was it was time for bed, i gave him another dose but this time it wouldn't go down, at 11:30 his temp was 103.8. he was showing signs that had pneumonia again, so i gave him a nebulizer treatment. he still seemed to be so unhappy (not like max) i decided to take him into the er. i still fell so guilty that i let it get so bad for him the last time he was sick... i didn't want that to happen again.
so 12:00 we get into the er, they brought us back right away. it didn't seem busy at all. the male nurse took all of his information, i never know if i need to say the he has Down syndrome or not, but i did just incase it wasn't in his chart and i really don't know if other people see it or not.
so it was about 12:20 they gave him ibuprofen, and said the dr. will be right in.
well while max and i waited his temp finally went down and he fell asleep. at about 1:30 the dr. came in. she apologized for the wait, and honestly i wasn't mad(just a little tired and uncomfortable) max was doing better already. i always think why be mad if you have to wait... most of the time they are having to help someone else in a much worse spot then your in, i was just thankful it wasn't max.
the dr. was very nice, she kept saying how cute max was(i really liked that) she asked me what i thought was so bad that couldn't wait till the morning. at first i was a little embarrassed but i just told her that he was just so sick a few weeks back and i didn't want it to get that bad again. i also mentioned that everything seems to hit max so much harder then it hits his sister(since she was home with the same cold).
the Dr. then asked why i think that is? i replied, i would think it's more then likely to do with max having Down syndrome. right away she apologized that she didn't know, she said she honestly couldn't tell. she then said she was in such a hurry that she didn't get a good look at his chart. i thought that was an honest answer. she started checking his throat and ears the whole time asking how maxs heart was and a lot of other knowledgeable questions about max and Down syndrome. she shared with me that she was from over seas and her first cousin was born with Down syndrome. she was so positive about him and how great he is doing, she said he just went to china for the special olympics and how the whole family was so proud because he was the first one in the family to go to china.
she then shared with me that my son has a server ear infection:(, and all that he needs are antibiotic:)

over all it wasn't a terrible night(except for the fact at the start of it max was in some major pain... poor max). max is doing much better today, he did get to sleep a lot... unlike his mom. i think its going to be an early night.

i love this sleeping little boy, so sweet.


  1. Hope he's feeling better soon. I was thinking my Max may have an ear infection right now too - he's teething so I can't really tell :(

  2. Oh poor guy. She sounds like a nice doctor. I wonder what makes it a severe ear infection? Just wondering because they can never see into Wysdom's ears, partly due to size and he hates it. Anyways hope you get some sleep and Max get's better. I bet you are glad you trusted your instincts!!!Good choice to go in.

  3. Hope he will feel better. Kristofer has had a cold since January and has been on antibiotic since then, every time he finish it the cold comes back! so on monday we are going have a adenoidectomy so hopefully the cold will go away!

    Hope Max is feeling better!

  4. Your Neighbor Melissa08 May, 2010 07:50

    I hope he is feeling better. Sarah, he is an adorable little boy! I love seeing his smile! What a nice experience you had in the ER, that Dr was there for you for a reason.

  5. how's your lil man feeling today? Sounds like that dr. was able to put you at ease even though it was a busy night. I sure hope you got a little bit of sleep.