Tuesday, May 25, 2010

it's been awhile.

i think this might have been my longest break in between posts. it has been a busy last few weeks. thinking back...

max ate a lot of spaghetti. (and yes he is sleeping in his highchair)
we had a very nice time with our new friends, ...rex, his mom and dad.

lilly got her hair cut:)
so cute:) and i forgot how easy short hair is to work with.

lilly and i took max into the dr. last friday, i thought he may still have an ear infection, and then when i called i realized max was due for his 18 month check. so we went in for the appt. and the nurse asked all of the "typical" questions... is max running? no. but he IS almost walking by himself! every other time they have asked me those question i hesitated, with a um... and felt a little bad for max that he wasn't doing those things yet. not on this day, this day i was just so happy that i could say he is doing great at his own pace and i really am so proud.
she went on to wait and measuring his height along with his little noggin. the nurse handed me a sheet with his measurements... it said, head 0%, weight 1%, height 1%. i asked if this was the "typical chart". for those that are not aware babies, children, teens and adults with Down syndrome do have a different chart that are measurement are placed on. the nurse looked a little sad, and responded "this is the typical chart." i cheered for max! wooowhoo max! the 1% you made the chart! lilly and max started clapping. it was super cute. the nurse got a huge smile and said "that is great max, way to go" it was nice to see that she realize it's not a bad thing to be small at the bottom of the chart... he made it! friday was a great day. we really must have been cheering loud be cause when the dr. came in the first thing she said was "i hear max has final put on some chub." oh, and max did not have an ear infection, he's as healthy as can be. we do need to go back this week to finally have his blood work done to check his thyroid levels, we are well over due we just needed to have him healthy for two weeks, and that hasn't been since september.
my new stroller came:) i love it... i think the kids like it too.
today nick and i had our 20 week ultrasound for the baby, it went great the baby is doing wonderful, right on track for the due date. the heart looks good. and it a BOY! i can say that when i heard this i was scared. not disappointed. just scared, my thoughts on the sex of this baby was if it's a girl it would be wonderful... she would be loving, supportive, and never leave us, never move away... she would want live in little chute, wisconsin. she maybe would go away to school, meet someone wonderful and move back home to be with us. i had in my head that if this was a boy he would meet i'm sure some wonderful girl, but move to where ever she was from, maybe i would get luck and she would be from somewhere around here but the odds would be not likely. i think the big thing was that i thought that it would hurt to see another son of mine doing things that max my not be, playing sports and dating(but i guess who knows max may do those things). i thought i would just be easier to just avoid those thought and feelings. but i now have had the day to absorb this all and really think about it. i was nuts. i blame it on being pregnant. a girl could move away just like a boy could. and if i really thought it through another male in this house is a really big positive for lilly and max. he will be there to teach max all of the things a little boy should know... how to pee on trees, how to bug the crap out of his big sister (max is actually very good at that already:) they are going to camp out together, catch frogs, get dirty, share a room and tell ghost stories that make each other scream! i am super excited for this little boy to join in the family fun:)


  1. Glad to hear that Max is doing well. Way to go Max. Congrats on the baby and I think that it will be great for Max. His brother will love him and I am sure they will have a blast together. Love the photo.

  2. Congrats on your new baby! Brothers have such a special bond and its neat that Max and his brother will be close in age and be able to do all that fun boy stuff together.