Monday, May 3, 2010

up north.

lilly, max, my mom and i decided to go up north to the cottage late thursday night. we got up there around 7:30 lilly jumped right in her sleeping bag and watched a movie:)

while max on the other hand was all about exploring unknown places!

sleeping bag fun:)

by friday night everyone was up:) grandma minten, great aunt jenny, the kilgas family(minus uncle adam) the schultz family, grandpa elrick and nick:)

nick and my dad stopped to picked up our camper from storage for the winter. it was so great to have it back:)

lilly and a few of her cousin playing on grandpa and grandmas playground at the cottage:)

max joining in the fun:)

max getting his balance.

almost there.

got it:) great job max:)

go max go!

what fun you can have with water and sand:)

smiling for the camera:)

lilly can't stop eating cheese curds just for one second to smile:)

max trying to steal grandpas paper!

the kids helping grandma make breakfast.

grandpa and max just hanging out on the couch:)

daddy trying to get max to take a nap:(

daddy and max finally taking a nap:)

a perfect day for a haircut : max's before picture.

and his after.

we had a great weekend with the family:)


  1. looks like it was a blast! I love that he climbed up that jungle gym too. :-)

  2. What a great time, looks like such a fun place!

  3. What fun family memories in the making!

  4. It looks like you all had a great time! What great family fun! :)