Friday, May 14, 2010

a few extra days!

i guess the path of the traveling afghan has changed directions! i was all ready to ship it off early to texas... when i got this email from cj... don't ship, sky diving plans were canceled(the afghan was going to jump out of a plain!) so we are able to enjoy it's company for a few more days. i was so happy with the news because i was able to share the story of the afghan and where its been with my grandma minten.
she loved it, she was amazed by the pictures, stories, and families in the journal. she was so impressed by cj for coming up with this wonderful idea she was shocked when i told her that cj and her little girl were in our play group... that i actually know this out of the box thinker:) she just kept say after every page she read...for example "oh sara, look sacramento, california... the villacres family, what a beautiful child" and "what a wonderful thing to be a part of!"
after she read what i wrote for my page in the journal, she said something that she had shared with me before (when someone gave her a copy of what i wrote about her on my blog for her last birthday). she told me how she thought i had a way with words. that meant so much to me the first time she said it and it means so much to me now.
i always had a difficult time growing up in school, like max will be experiencing, i too was in the "special classes" i have a difficult time in comprehending what i read, and so my spell is horrible(God bless spell check!). so to hear people who know what i have struggled with my whole life tell me that,... to me it means i am overcoming that small but in a way, huge battle for myself:)
i am so glad i was able to share this with my grandma.


  1. You do know where it's going next, don't you? :-)

  2. OK that brought tears to my eyes. i'm so glad you got to keep the blanket. There are no mistakes or coincidences.It was just meant to be that your grandma got to enjoy the the afghan too.