Saturday, May 8, 2010

it's our turn!

it's here it's finally here!!! we signed up for the T21 traveling afghan project when max was 4 months old. we so very excited to be a part of it! this morning at our monthly play date with our other Ds families our friend lilja gave max the afghan! here are a few of the pictures from today.

so sweet, now only if max would kiss lilja back.

almost max, it was so cute:)
thank you for the kisses and the afghan lilja:)
we had a huge group together this morning, we were going to try to get a picture with just the kids and the afghan but realized they were all to small to listen and just sit for the picture. plus we had three new families there today and one of them was with a 8 day old baby girl! what a great group of kids, i feel so lucky to have them and their families in our life.
we also celebrated ruby and logan's third birthdays (they are not twins... just great friends).

max and lilly in the back seat of the car, on the way to target. max was pooped from seeing all of his friends today (oh, he is feeling much, much better. the meds must be working!).
aunt val, and max sitting on his very soon to be little cousin.
cousin jake giving max one of his many hugs for the day:)
cousin wilson opening his birthday presents... his is turning 4!
lilly watching wilson open his gifts.
lilly and max both love wilson little chair:)
we had such an exciting day, starting with the T21 traveling afghan, meeting and making new life long friends, and celebrating there wonderful kids birthdays:) what a great, great day.


  1. Awesome Day!!!! I can't wait to get the afghan.

  2. Glad Max is feeling better. We have been waitng to get our hands on the afghan for a long time too, can't wait.

  3. What a great group to have close by. We love our Ds playdates too.