Tuesday, May 11, 2010

max standing and stepping!

so now max is starting to really enjoy standing:) he is getting pretty stable on his own but still has that new feet wobbliness(not sure if that's an actual word), his newest thing he starting to do is take a step or two! is so exciting he is so proud of himself:) as he should be! i do have to say he is having a hard time because he wants to just start walking before he is stable. i'm not sure what to do for that? i think i'll ask his pt tomorrow.

i had to throw an afghan picture in here:)
wooo whoo max!
and going down with a smile on his face.
miss lilly is such a good big sister, we were all very excited for max and she was cheering right along with us... but, as soon as he was done she said "daddy, mommy watch this! " and started spinning in circles. i try so hard to give the same attention to both kids, what's it going to be like when their are three running around here?
great job lilly!