Tuesday, July 6, 2010

forth of july!

forth of july weekend up north started off great, the weather was beautiful.
max got a hair cut right away in the morning... we decided to go with a mohawk this time!
tough little max can totally pull a mohawk off:)
he loves going up and down the front steps.
we took a family bike ride to the lake next to ours to go swimming. it's a tiny little lake and only five cottages are on it. we all really enjoyed our time there.

we always have a wonderful breakfast up north.... but this one tops them all, it's making me hungry just looking at the picture... yummmm.
lilly and her breakfast.
max happy after his:)
a few of the kids getting ready for bed watching the lion king movie. i thought this was super cute because max found a pillow on the floor and is drinking his sippy:) what a big boy!

lilly and grandpa catching fish off the dock.
lilly and her fish:)
we had a great weekend, here are some things to remember;
the annual fish fry with the whole minten family.
cousin ryan jumping into the lake (fully dressed) to save little evan.
kids catching frogs, turtles, and other little critters.
trying to get our families annual photo... my sister dana the photographer in the family thinking they are never good enough:) "if only their head was here or turned a different way," or " there is way to big of a space here someone should have been here.... not there."
the perfect rain... lilly running bare butt around the cottage with uncle ben (with his suit on of course) in the rain. ben doing a body slide in a puddle and a canon ball off the end of the dock, then lilly, jack, and aiden jumping on the trampoline:)

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  1. Looks like a fun-filled time. Love the new haircut.