Saturday, July 10, 2010

saturday fun with friends.

we had our second saturday play date with our DSAW-FC group this morning, it was a really nice time like always:) their was a new family there that i haven't met yet with a 7 week old little boy... he was super cute. ( i should have asked if i could have taken his picture to share... next time.) i really look forward to our play dates and seeing all the kid with their families.
our friend aaron, max and lilly playing with the train set.
lilly is quite the goofball. she loves her sunglasses, but looks super silly in them:) rock on lilly!


  1. looks like a blast! Lily's adorable in her glasses. :-)

  2. Awe, play dates are the BEST!!! Cute pics!! I happen to think LIlly looks like quite the fashionista:) You go girl!!!!