Sunday, July 25, 2010

jack johnson, and a girls day with lilly:)

on saturday night nick and i went to a jack johnson concert! it was amazing, we had such a great time. we didn't get home until 1:30 pm and i had a big day planned with lilly in the morning. we went to a friends baby shower in the morning, then went to art in the park:)us two girls at art in the park:)

they had a place for kids to paint their own pictures, lilly wanted to first draw a flower then "rain and lots of clouds mommy." from this you can tell that it's tornado season here in wisconsin:)
lilly's finished masterpiece!
she was so good that she got to pick out a toy, this is lilly's new friend lizzie the pink lizard.
we ate lunch and played at the park.
this was one steep slide, i didn't think she was going to go down it.
but she did:) and boy did she scream! i thought she was going to be crying when she
got off of it and i think she would have been if i wasn't laughing so hard at how much static was in her hair. i showed her the picture, she thought it was pretty funny too:)
we drank a lot, i repeat a lot of lemonade.
we had an excellent girls day, just lilly and me:) we talked about a ton of things and it was really nice because i haven't had very much time with just lilly and myself. today made me realize how old she is getting. we walked the whole day, no umbrella stroller, no diaper bag, no little fits or tantrums. she wanted to look at all of the art, "look at this flower picture mommy, that's i could draw that!" i'm not sure the artist selling the painting appreciated that comment like i did:)
i also realized how small she still is too, she had her lizard crawl all the way back to the car (at least 7 blocks). she is too cute:)

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  1. I loved this post. Mommy and Me time is so precious. Beth is 25 and when we spend an evening shopping she still tells me, "I like this mom and daughter night." Priceless.