Monday, July 12, 2010

sunday with updates on milestones.

our sunday....
max has now officially turn into the trouble maker child:) he is into everything, he gets in to closets throws everything out, he has figured out how to open the gate to up stairs. this was a picture of him figuring it out!
his big sister is trying to keep all of "her" toys up on the table so max can't get into them.
max is walking more and more! he is now able to stand up in the middle of the room, walk a few step pick up a toy, walk a few more steps pick up another toy. if he wouldn't get so excited about walking and stayed nice and calm he would be able to go so much farther before falling. (but i can't blame him for being so excited... walking is a huge milestone!!!)
an early morning picture:)
max has now conquered climbing up chairs. this is a picture catching him in the act of playing with my computer. if we don't push in every chair max will find his way up! we have found max on the counter next to the fridge pulling the magnets off and throwing them on the floor! and he is quick, a matter of minutes he is up an into something!
like i said little trouble maker!
it's only time till he figures out how to climb up the stools.
lilly doing her best to keep max down.
we had lilly's hair cut again. this time a little shorter.
she did really well siting still in the chair.
there was an empty seat so max drove a taxi for a little while.
lilly is sitting two seats over in a pink airplane. the little boy next to them was looking at max like "i wish i picked that taxi."
lilly's hair finished:)
we then went to a park and met val, nate and the kids for a short little play date.
it was so hot out, lilly got super sweaty playing so hard with cousin wilson.
we stopped at tom's-drive-in for burgers and popcorn before we got to the park.
max loves popcorn.
max taking a stroll on the side walk:)
we then stopped at grandma and grandpa pingel's house, we did plan to stay for supper but i had to cut the visit short because i was so, so, so tired. we went home and i took a 2 1/2 hour nap, it was really nice:)


  1. Holy cow! Go Max! When did he start walking? What a rock star!

  2. i would like to say about a month ago he started trying to take steps on his own, but over the last week or so he has really picked it up!!!

  3. This is grate! cant wait until Kristofer starts walking or just standing up on his own. These picturse are fun to look at, he is so cute!!

  4. yeah Max!!!! Love Lily's haircut!!