Sunday, July 18, 2010

our weekend.

another first for max... he now weighs enough to turn his car seat around to forward facing!!!
he loved it. now he was able to watch a signing time movie with lilly, but he really didn't care for the headphones on him. he still loved the new view:)
the way little kids can bend without getting a neck ache. oh, i forgot to mention we were on our way up north to the cottage, just us, my mom and dad were up this weekend.
on saturday nick, the kids and me went to an up north local park at chute pond. i went there every once in awhile when i was a little kid. there is an area that is call "slippery rock" the name says it all. but just in case your wanting a little more information... chute pond has a river that flows over this rock and then into another river:) the above picture is lilly waiting for her daddy to go down the rock with her!
nick and lilly:)
max, looking like he is not having at all.
until it was his turn:)

max and daddy.
max playing in the river.
lilly joining him:)
then we had a picnic at the lake:)
when we got back to the cottage we took a golf cart ride over to visit grandma minten and aunt jenny.

lilly and i went frog catching and after we caught one, we noticed the a leach caught her!
lilly thought it was pretty neat that if you put salt on it they just let go.
lilly and her frog.
we told lilly that he might turn into a prince if she kissed him:) ...nope, not this time!
lilly catching fish with grandpa in the morning.


  1. How fun - cool rock 'slide'!
    It drives me crazy when my kiddos fall asleep in the car with their neck crinked like that. I always worry their oxygen is getting cut off. I've actually pulled over and put the fingertip oximeter on Max a couple of times just make sure - and yep, oxygen is still fine!

  2. OK, everything was completely picture perfect until I got to the leach! At first I thought she had a toe ring on!!!! I'll be packing salt on our camping trip!!! LOL